Dry-Docking During Covid-19 Pandemic

What is the best practice for managing dry-docking during a pandemic like COVID-19?

DJ Shipping performs comprehensive planning and strategising before executing any dry-docking supervision. In situations like the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve taken the approach to be agile and even more stringent in our planning to ensure a successful dry-docking experience.  Here is what we have learnt about how to successfully manage dry-docking during a pandemic like COVID-19.

Dry-Docking during a Pandemic

One of the biggest challenges of dry-docking during COVID-19 has been travelling to the shipyard, as there were times when travel was impossible with various strict travel restrictions.

Where travel is restricted, remote drydocking supervision is needed to successfully dry-dock a vessel.  This may sound like an impossible task but thankfully technology has made remote drydocking supervision possible.

Technology and Dry-Docking during a Pandemic

The technology that is needed for remote drydocking supervision includes:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Communication equipment
  • The ships crew and shipyard staffs
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras

A control room with a technical team where they can make use of all the data and information that this technology has fed back to the control room, allows for successful dry-docking supervision.  Reports of the work being done can then also be created. This method of supervision allows for more people to be kept as safe from possible COVID-19 infections, and supervising dry-docking can also continue as planned with no time delay or added unnecessary expenses.

Technology, as you know is not 100% reliable all of the time, however.  The biggest issue with using technology for remote dry-docking supervision is connectivity.  There are parts of the vessel (usually quite low down in the vessel) that will not get any internet connectivity making it impossible to supervise those areas.  This requires creative thinking and problem-solving, which our team has proven to possess.

A Reliable Shipping Agent is Key

As you know, dry-docking is a very important practice for any ship.  And with every ship being required to dry-dock at least once every 5 years, your dry-docking may very well be during a pandemic.  If the pandemic prohibits travel and restricts people from being physically present at dry-docking, as it did now with COVID-19, then the use of technology is the best solution to allow dry-docking to continue as it is needed.

When there is no pandemic, a reliable shipping agent is key to optimise the dry-docking process. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is not simple and it also involves liaising with various individuals.  A good shipping agent will have developed great relationships with the various partners involved. Various authorities, suppliers and service providers need to be dealt with before the vessel’s arrival to ensure smooth dry-docking operations. The need for a reliable shipping agent is even more necessary during a pandemic.

DJ Shipping’s Dry-Docking

DJ Shipping can proudly say that we have implemented innovative thinking during this time and as a result have managed to continue to deliver all of our ship management services including dry-docking, during the pandemic.  We also pride ourselves on the ability to, no matter the circumstances, still endeavour to meet all of our clients dry-docking requirements, without delays and with minimal unexpected costs.

Why you should consider using DJ Shipping for your vessels dry-docking:

  • We have developed excellent relationships with dry-docking authorities.
  • We have experience with all types of vessels – bulk carriers, cargo vessels, container vessels etc.
  • We have the expertise to provide dry-docking technical expertise when it is needed
  • Our operations are effective.
  • We are resourceful.
  • We supervise costs and service level with precision.
  • We manage everything around dry-docking 24/7.
  • We are innovative thinkers with the ability to ‘make-things-happen’ no matter what is thrown at us.


Contact Us know and find out how we can assist you with your dry-docking needs.

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