Husbandry Services

Ships Husbandry Services

Onshore Service Provider

When shipping freight, DJ Shipping ensures that your vessel does not stop in port for too long so that you get to your destination on time. We do understand however that stopping in port is essential to ensure that everything is working correctly. DJ Shipping offers husbandry services in all main ports within South Africa to see to all your onshore service needs in a timely but also efficient manner. We make sure that you stay safe and on schedule while sticking within your budget. DJ Shipping aim to meet every ships specific needs at every South Africa port.

You can rely on DJ Shipping to look after your interests and work our local knowledge and established relationships in South Africa to see to your crew, fuel, spares and provisions and more. Experience fast and well-co-ordinated services from DJ Shipping to ensure fast vessel turnaround time in port.

Ships Husbandry Services

Meet & Greet

DJ Shipping offers a friendly and accommodating Meet and Greet service. We assist with transportation, baggage claims, shore passes, visas, permits, offshore transfers, accommodation bookings and medical support.

Ships Husbandry Services

Cash To Master (CTM)

DJ Shipping handle your CTM to ensure that your ship’s money is kept safe and to make sure that there is always enough money available. We make use of a trusted security service but still at competitive pricing.

Ships Husbandry Services

Ship Repair & Servicing Co-Ordination

DJ Shipping understands that ships are on tight deadlines. So when there is a breakdown a ship needs to be repaired and spare parts to be delivered quickly. This is why we have established an efficient supply chain for routine maintenance spares and equipment. We aim to get things done quickly and effectively.

DJ Shipping also offers “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and parts. We use our specialised supply chain management service, infrastructure and expertise in freight forwarding, warehousing, relationships with contractors and local workshops to offer fast delivery of ship repairs and servicing.

Ships Husbandry Services

Crew Changes

DJ Shipping manages welcoming new crew while assisting the transition of old crew leaving. We manage all transportation to and from the vessel as well as all immigration formalities like visas etc. Any issues that may arise during crew changes can be managed by DJ Shipping as we have access to various suppliers all over South Africa.

The need for efficient crew changes, lay-up and dry-docking are critically important since the world is making every effort to fight the spread of COVID-19. DJ Shipping understands the new regulations that have complicated the crew changeovers process. We ensure that the transfer of people is safe and efficient. Swab testing can also be arranged along with transportation to and from test centres. All related documentation that the government requires regarding COVID-19 while in transit can be handled by DJ Shipping.

Ships Husbandry Services

Launch Services

Our launch services keep your vessels and cargo moving because if your vessel is standing still then so is your business. DJ Shipping offer 24/7 fast and safe launch services to all major ports in South Africa.

Our launch services include:

  • Changeover of crew
  • Delivery of spares
  • Delivery of provisions
  • Landing emergencies
  • Bunkering facilities
  • Repair teams
  • Security teams
Ships Husbandry Services

Crew Medical & Evacuation

When there is a medical emergency then assistance is needed immediately. DJ Shipping offers quick medical assistance. Medical appointments can be scheduled and transportation from all major ports include a pharmacist, dentist, doctor or physiotherapist. We can also supply you with essential medical equipment to see to various emergencies while offshore.

Ships Husbandry Services

Hull Inspection & Cleaning

DJ Shipping specialises in coordinating ship hull and propellor inspection and cleaning. We work with the best companies to perform this work during loading and unloading in order to keep costs to a minimum.

We recommended to clean your hull early when fouling starts to form rather than when serious barnacles or tubeworm starts to build up. This is to avoid unnecessary turbulence and cavitation. As you know the performance of sonars, speed logs and other hull mounted sensors also gets affected negatively from not cleaning your ship’s hull in a timely manner. A foul-free hull not only optimises vessel performance but it also improves fuel efficiency.

We also recommend regular propeller cleaning for your ship to perform at optimal level. A smooth propeller ensures that organisms can’t form and create a build-up of marine fouling.

Ships Husbandry Services

Dry Docking & Repairs

Efficient dry docking can save you time and money. We understand that even the slightest mistake in calculations can lead to many negative consequences for your business. DJ Shipping have the experience to efficiently handle dry docking for all types of vessels, which include container ships, tankers and oil rigs.

We offer the following dry docking services to name a few:

  • Correspondence with Port Authorities
  • Repairs
  • Crew management
  • Spares management
  • Temporary storage
  • Mobile office rentals
Ships Husbandry Services

Sludge Removal

DJ Shipping assists with safe and effective sludge removal to save your engine for burning due to rapid fouling taking place. We offer this service in all major ports in South Africa.

Ships Husbandry Services

Bunkering Services & Calls

DJ Shipping makes use of their longstanding relationships in the industry to minimize delays and ensure that the bunkering services run smoothly from start to finish.

Ships Agents Services

Additional Services

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