Ships Agent Services

Ships Agents Services

Shipping Agent

DJ Shipping are a partner for all things to do with shipping to make your experience smoother and more profitable. We have the expertise, experience and resources needed to offer operational support for all kinds of vessels to ensure quick and effective turnaround time.

In order for DJ Shipping to be your one-stop-shop for all things shipping, we offer a combination of services, which include:
• husbandry services
• fumigation
• in-port security
• stowaway searches
• servicing equipment
• ship repair co-ordination
• hull inspection & cleaning
• crew changes
• bunker calls
• launch services
• crew medical and evacuation
• dry docking and repairs
• sludge removal
• ships spares logistics
• clearing and forwarding
• supply chain management
• warehousing & storage to name a few.

Our shipping and logistics services are tailor-made with integrated support packages to meet the specific needs of all types of vessel and at every major port in South Africa.

Ships Agents Services

Charterer's Agent

As ship Charterers we either liaise with intermediaries, or directly with ship owners to arrange the hire or charter of ships to get cargoes to clients by the most cost-effective and timely means. DJ Shipping is therefore in touch with the market to find the most suitable and cost effective transport options.

Ships Agents Services


DJ Shipping fumigate to suffocate or poison the potential pests to ensure that the biodiversity of the country receiving goods are protected from diseases. We then issue a fumigation certificate as is required when importing certain products because if a fumigation certificate cannot be presented then the receiving country can refuse the items being imported and in certain cases, the items on the ship may even be destroyed.

DJ Shipping assists with the fumigation process as well as provide the documentation showing proof of fumigation needed on arrival.

Ships Agents Services

Additional Services

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For any other service which is not listed, you can always contact our team, who are ready to attend your vessels and any of your requirements.