Ships Logistics Services

Ships Logistics Services

Ships Spares Logistics

Our ships spares logistics services include a varios services:

  • Order monitoring & collecting ship spares and equipment
  • Tracking of spare parts & shipments
  • Ship spares and marine equipment transportation
  • Ship spares and marine equipment warehousing
  • Ships spares clearing and forwarding
  • Handling & packaging
  • Custom clearance & custom brokerage
  • Vessel on-board deliveries
  • Express airfreight to destination airports
  • Cargo insurance for warehousing & transportation
  • 24/7 emergency service
Ships Logistics Services

Clearing & Forwarding Of Spares

Our logistics management ensures fast and efficient delivery to your vessel every time. There is no limit to what we are able to deliver to your vessel. All clearing and forwarding of spares are managed by our experienced logistics team.  We take all regulations and formalities into account at terminals and customs to ensure that you get your delivery to your vessel in a timely manner. We can arrange a warehouse for short or long term storage within the Nelson Mandela Bay area when that service is needed.
Ships Logistics Services

Warehousing & Spares Storage

Our logistics services is not limited to delivery.  We also have significant storage capacity for warehousing and spares storage within Nelson Mandela Bay. We provide storage and transportation of marine equipment and ship spares. Our solutions for storage are secure and safe with relevant insurance (batch, bulk or container load).
Ships Agents Services

Additional Services

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