Ships Security Services

Ships Security Services

Stowaway Searches

We have found that the most effective way to prevent the negative effectives of stowaways is to stop them from coming on board while in port. If stowaways are found on the vessel however, we, at DJ Shipping, endeavour to remove them as soon as possible keeping in mind the heavy penalties imposed by authorities when stowaways are found abroad.

DJ Shipping stowaway services are offered in all major South African ports. DJ Shipping conducts a thorough and comprehensive stowaway search prior to departure. A report is then created, which declares that there are no stowaways on board.

Ships Security Services

Maritime Security & In-Port Security

We realise that ports are busy and spread over large areas so certain areas of the port can be inaccessible to your patrols all of the time in order to keep the vessel, its cargo and crew safe. Our port security helps to solve this problem of inaccessibility and reduce various security threats. A disruption to vessels making it safely to their destination is crucial to trading. We implement security strategies with regards to internal and external threats. The goal of our strategies is to eliminate thievery both in port and at sea, trespassing of unauthorised personal that could tamper with the ships equipment, terrorist attacks, crime, piracy, illegal fishing and the trafficking of illicit goods and people. We look at both local and international threats and on all scales. Small scale threats can still be very harmful for any shipping company. We do also acknowledge that not all security threats are malicious. Some can be accidental. Either way the safety of the vessel, its cargo and crew is of utmost importance to us at DJ Shipping. DJ Shipping assist with in-port security to ensure that there are no disruptions caused by security issues.
Ships Agents Services

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